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Great season with a
fantastic group of young ladies.

It is my profound hope that you have learned a lot about "real" softball this season. I hope you had fun. We did a lot of "firsts" this year...

Fist time Senior Division. Last year, if you were in 8th grade you could not join ESAA.

First time at a field built exclusively for girls fastpitch softball.

First time with "real" softball rules.

For most of you, your first game "under the lights."

Many more games than in previous years.

For most of you, the first time you watched a real college girls softball team play.

The first time ESAA has used a website. I know they plan on expanding its use to other divisions next year.

For the first time ESAA has ventured outside of itself on a large scale. Games were played with Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles, Evanston and Skokie. Through our contacts with Lincolnwood, many other ESAA divisions played their first games in years at the beautiful Proesel Park.

For the first time ESAA has, in my opinion,  treated girls softball with the same dignity and care they have always given to the boys baseball program.

New top-of-the-line pitching machine and sliding mat.

All new state-of-the-art catching equipment and batters helmets with ponytail ports. Uniforms with your name on the back.

I leave ESAA knowing that what was accomplished this year will be with ESAA for many years to come. That is a great feeling and all the reward I will ever need or want.

Sould you continue with this sport? Each of you must answer that for yourself. Did you like the games? Did you like practices or were you looking for an excuse not to come? Are there other activities you enjoy more? Take all that into consideration and then decide.

I enjoyed being your coach, and should you have any softball questions in the future, feel free to call me. Or call just to say hi!

Loyola U Day!
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Congradulations Demons! We captured first place in ESAA's regular season play.
Think of the team!