June 12, 2002 


To DePaul players and parents


Next week and the week after are loaded with softball games. Please try to attend all of them. Here is the situation we are in.


There are 12 girls on De Paul.


1 NEVER comes

1 is on vacation June 16 –22

1 is on vacation June 16 – 28


A little subtraction leaves us with nine players for a lot of games.


Questions & Answers

Q. During this period, what happens if one player doesn’t show up?

A. DePaul can still play the game with 8 players.

·            Disadvantage # 1 – only two outfielders

·            Disadvantage #2 – must record an automatic out for the vacant position every time the ninth player would have been up if she were here.


Q. What if the player gives 24-hour notice that she will not be at a game?

A. I can “call-up” a ninth player from the lower leagues.

·            Disadvantage #1 – get an inexperienced player.

·            Disadvantage #2 – no guarantee a younger player is available.

·            Disadvantage #3 – call-ups cannot be used in certain positions, such as catcher.


Q. What if we only have 7 players?

A. We forfeit (lose).


We have a great record. Whether we keep winning or not is up to you!


Thanks for letting me be your coach!





Coach Bill