April 13, 2002


To ESAA’s DePaul Blue Demons

Coach Bill’s Philosophy


v   This is a transition year. In ESAA’s lower divisions, the philosophy is that everyone plays equally, regardless of dedication or skill level.  In high school, it’s the best play the most.


v   This year, the Demons who show the most dedication will be rewarded by sitting out less. Conversely, those with unexcused absences from practices or games will find themselves warming the bench more often than the other players. “Unexcused” means I am surprised that you are not there. Of course, if only nine players show up for a game, then everyone plays every inning.


v   I’m not good enough of a coach to teach all positions to all players. Girls will be assigned a primary and a secondary position. Those are the positions they will play most often.  I reserve the right to change their positions if we are short-handed or to simply experiment. I need a rocket arm at shortstop. I need speed demons in the outfield. Etc., etc.


v   I believe all positions are important and I promise to do my best to teach you the ins and outs of your positions. For details on what each position entails, go to ESAA’s Players page, and click on “Positional Play.”


v   Please come to see me with any questions or concerns.



Very truly yours,




Coach Bill

Home: 773.583.1384

Cell: 773.391.3101