April 13, 2002


To ESAAís DePaul Blue Demons


v   Before the season begins, I would like to hold two practices a week.

v   After the season begins, we will have one practice per week. If we happen to have many games in a particular week, we will probably skip practice.

v   Demon practices after April 15 will not be listed in the ESAA website. The ESAA Schedules page will be for games only.

v   Our next practice is Monday, April 15 at Edgebrook, 5pm.

v   We have pickup (just for fun, no umps) games scheduled:

o     Spartans on Tuesday, April 16, Edgebrook, 5pm.

o     Lincolnwood at Good Counsel on Sunday, April 21, at 11am.

v   Practices after April 15 are all on unreserved fields. In, short, if someone beats us to the field we are out of luck. I have found fields that I donít think are used much. They are at the Lincolnwood School, Pratt and Crawford (Pulaski). Most practices (except those listed above) will be on these fields. If possible we will play on one of two fields located on the south side (the Pratt side). If necessary, we will be on one of four fields located on the north side of the school. No facilities, sorry!

v   After every practice, I will communicate the next one. If you donít know when the next practice is, go to the www.homestead.com/depaul2002 website or give me a call.


Very truly yours,†††††††



Coach Bill

Home: 773.583.1384

Cell: 773.391.3101